At Chimney Sweep Seattle, we provide a number of services related to your chimneys. We maintain high standards in all services. The main services that we provide are:

Chimney Sweeping

You at least require an annual sweep of your chimney. Birds may drop debris inside chimney or other debris may gather. Birds may also nest in the chimneys. Sweeping makes sure that the chimney flues are free of debris and safe to use. Cleaning chimneys prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires.

Removal of Animals, nest and blockage

If you find twigs in your fireplace then you know that bird is nesting. Chimney is a great place for birds like squirrels, starlings or jackdaws to nest. Blockage may occur because of accumulation of debris. The blockage can be dangerous. It may result in chimney fire or your room may be filled up with smoke. We can remove bird’s nest and blockages and also give you advise on how to prevent these from happening in future.

Cages, Cowls and Caps

Cages, caps and cowls are used for protecting the chimney. This prevents birds from entering the chimney, rains from pouring in, etc. It is important to fit the right type of cage, cap or cowl to avoid problems. We have the experience to install these on your chimney safely.

CCTV service

Sometimes a chimney problem cannot be seen easily. We can install a CCTV into the flue and provide inspection service. The space inside the chimney can be seen on video monitors. CCTV is very useful in assessing any damage so that you can think of repairing it.

We have trained people to do the works. They use the latest equipment and best techniques to provide high quality service to our customers.