About Us


Chimney Sweep Seattle was established in 1995 in Seattle, Washington. It was a small business at the beginning ; now it has grown. We adopt high quality sweeping practices in our work. We have the latest equipment need to sweep your chimney clean. We provide services all round the year.

Our sweeps have to go through intensive training programs before they can start working. They all undergo an annual assessment to make sure that their sweeping standards are up to the mark. Our employees don’t have any criminal records. They all undergo a police check before getting recruited. Our services are fully insured. We train our workers in specific areas, like climbing ladders. This ensures protection of the property and also reduces chance of accidents by falling. Our workers are trained how to communicate with people with disabilities.

We use modern methods of sweeping using latest equipment. We also offer CCTV inspection service. Our services cover areas around Seattle. We ensure that your chimney is clean and safe to use. We can fit rain and bird guards on chimneys. We can also solve problems related to your chimney. So, for any kind of chimney service, call us!