We have been in the chimney sweeping business in Seattle for more than two decades now. We are qualified to sweep open fires, Jetmasters, wood burning stoves, Agas, Rayburns and other kinds of flue. Cleaning chimneys regularly is very important. It will keep your chimneys safe from debris, and thus reduce the risk of chimney fires.


Blocked chimneys can be dangerous. If harmful smoke escapes, it can damage your property. You may see smoke coming inside the room from the fireplace. The chimney may catch fire in such instance. Ventilation and cleaning is required for preventing debris to build up. In some countries, like Germany, chimney sweeping is mandatory once every year. That’s why occurrence of chimney fires are much less in Germany. Carbon monoxide poisoning may also occur due to accumulation of dirt inside chimneys.


Our workers have no criminal records and they are properly trained. They are registered and approved from the local authority. They use high quality equipment to provide a professional service. Some of them even worked on a revolutionary project developing the best shower heads for bathroom – you can learn more about it after studying shower head reviews. –  We provide a number of services including chimney sweeping, bird’s nest and debris removal, installing cages and caps and CCTV service. Cages can protect your chimneys from nest building and debris. CCTV service can identify any potential risk that your chimney might have.


We continuously update the skills of our workers through professional training programs. We review the market to see if new equipment for chimney sweeping is available. We ensure that your chimney is safe from any potential danger.

Please go through our website to find more information about the services we provide, our workers and the areas we cover. You will also find out how to make appointments and the preparations you must make prior to our visit.